Dr Urbaniak’s caring and personal management of pregnancy is supported by over 20 years of private consulting experience. His conveniently in-room, high definition ultrasound scanning provides continuous monitoring of you and your baby’s health.

His comprehensive management of pregnancy includes:


Comprehensive care for you and your baby begins before pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy screening and advice may help you in preparing for pregnancy both physically and emotionally, and alert both patient and doctor to any pre-existing conditions which may require specific management

Pre-pregnancy screening and advice

  • Planning a baby
  • Preparing yourself
  • What to expect?

Genetic counselling

  • Your family genetics
  • And your partner’s genetic history


  • How much exercise?
  • How much stress is too much?
  • How much should you be working?


  • Which foods should you avoid?
  • What is a balanced diet?
  • Is your current weight healthy for the baby?
  • What supplements and vitamins do you need?

Partner’s health – his contribution matters!

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Pregnancy is a very special time in life. The path to delivery requires utmost care and expertise, in ensuring the wellbeing and health of both mother and baby. Dr Urbaniak provides personal and responsible management, and on-site Ultrasound screening provides convenient, immediate and ongoing monitoring of your baby’s growth and health.

Early pregnancy diagnosis

  • How many weeks?
  • How to care for your body and baby

Throughout pregnancy

  • Comprehensive monitoring of your baby’s growth and wellbeing
  • On-site high quality ultrasound scanning (find out more under Ultrasound)
  • Monitoring of high risk pregnancy and timely intervention
  • On-going management of your health
  • Follow-up of advanced pregnancy

Before delivery

To help you with the decision of having a planned vaginal or caesarean birth, Dr Urbaniak will check the baby’s size and position, maternal pelvis, and carefully estimate the risks and benefits of each option. The decision is yours!

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With over 20 years’ experience in private consulting experience, Dr Urbaniak will ensure that the transition from pregnancy to motherhood is as safe, comfortable and smooth as possible. He will respect all individual preferences for method of labour, with the safety of the mother and the baby being of utmost importance.


  • Pre-labour assessment
  • Advice regarding delivery: how to prepare and what to expect?
  • Hospital booking


  • Vaginal labour
  • Operative delivery
  • Caesarean section
  • High risk operations


  • Post-pregnancy check-up
  • Advice for future childbearing
  • Optimal pregnancy spacing, contraception
  • Pelvic floor health

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Dr Urbaniak is a no gap provider for all in-patient services including labour or caesarean section.